CCTV and Security Cameras


When you want to ensure the security and safety of all aspects of your property.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems have helped property owners fight against loss prevention, injury, and improve general safety on their premises. Suitable for commercial and residential buildings, CCTV and security cameras enable you to:

  • Keep a close check on front and back entries, interior rooms and exterior areas
  • Allow time to contact authorities when something is amiss
  • Provide high-resolution imagery of offenders
  • Allow remote monitoring from your Ipad, mobile phone or portable device
GEA Security helps you choose the best system for your requirements creating customized solutions that you can depend upon. Contact us today for a free consultation.

You can operate your CCTV Security Cameras remotely from a control room. Everything is recorded so you can play back the video for review. The security cameras detect any abnormalities or intruders, verifying any alarm signal and by constantly monitoring the areas under surveillance.

A variety of security cameras can be implemented for your premises:

  • Stationary cameras which provide a fixed view
  • Other cameras are operated to move using pan, tilt and zoom controls
  • Multiple cameras can digitally record and store visuals for investigation purposes
  • Visual data can be displayed through a management system to aid quick response

GEA Security create the right solutions for your security purposes enabling a single operator to view and manage a single or multiple sites from a central location. In the case of criminal action, the recordings can be used as evidence in a legal investigation.

CCTV enables digital video to be transmitted using LAN, WAN or Broadband Internet.

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