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Protecting your commercial premises isn’t just about security.

  • You need to rely on getting 24/7 feedback whether your offices are occupied or not.
  • You want to know who’s going where and when throughout the day.
  • The system should be easy to use so it’s not adding additional stress and confusion to your already busy schedule.

Secure your office with a custom security system from GEA Security, Australia’s leading provider of office security solutions.

If you don’t know where to start with your commercial property security, we can help with:

Choosing the right security system.

By listening to your requirements, we can recommend solutions customized to your circumstances. We take into consideration the resolution, reliability, technical requirements to best meet your needs. We discuss your budget with you to decide the right equipment for the project. Contact us today for a free consultation from our experts to determine which system is right for you.

Security Systems – Modern alarm systems offer robust features which include:

  • Motion detectors which can trigger the alarm and activate cameras
  • Break-glass detector
  • 24/7 remote monitoring
  • GPRS + dialer

Installation of an alarm system is only the first step to effective protection for your business!

Contracted Alarm Monitoring

You need a team who are ready to respond straight away to any security breach as soon as the alarm is activated. GEA Security’s monitored security services are manned 24-hours a day from our specialised operations center. Our alliances with reliable monitoring services enable response within minutes of an alarm being activated.

You can trust us to respond to any emergency immediately, ensuring you get help the minute you need it. We make sure that your property is being safeguarded no matter where you are.

GSM or GPRS Alarm Systems

GSM alarm systems are designed for users who require activation alerts and status messages to be sent to between 1 - 5 mobile phones. GPRS are suitable for clients using multiple systems on multiple sites or who need high levels of flexibility to cope with large numbers of people requiring access to sites at different times.

These systems work independently of any telephone wiring on your premises. This means that if fire or theft caused damage to your phone lines, emergencies will still be reported immediately to the control room via mobile communication systems.

Upgrading your system to include GSM or GPRS monitoring is easy – contact GEA Group to ask how.

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