Security Alarm Systems


When you want to ensure the security and safety of all aspects of your property.

Offering robust features that provide an excellent way to protect your property, Security Alarms systems include multiple features:

  • A motion detector which can trigger the alarm and activate cameras
  • A break-glass detector to alert you of attempted break-ins or damage
  • Remote monitoring 24/7 that you can access wherever you are
  • GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) which is the best possible mobile data service and provides a more reliable form of security for your property

GEA Security install your alarm system to provide effective protection of your property.

Your security alarm system keeps your property safe through:

  • Alarms that sound on activation
  • Sending notification directly to your mobile phone
  • Providing a remote to you as a snapshot
  • Activating Police if the alarm is verified
  • Remote access and control of your alarm systems via internet
  • Compatibility with your remote security cameras
  • Compatibility with pet detectors, commercial detectors, magnetic contacts, barriersirens and flood detection

Your property protected. GEA Security have the expertise and experience to tailor security solutions to your individual needs. We use the latest and most efficient technology and the best customer service.

Limited access. GEA Security create a solution that can only be accessed by authorize members of your team. The alarm is activated should any unauthorized person try to enter your secured areas. This helps you immediately reduce any loss or damage to your business. You are in control.

Cost reduction. Your business may be entitled to a reduction in your insurance premiums of up to 20% by installing and using approved alarm systems on your property. Check with your provider.

Maintenance and Service. GEA Security back up their security systems with regular maintenance and servicing, monitoring 24/7 and Patrols as required. Security straight away. Our experienced consultants can recommend and quote on your property’s security needs from your architectural, engineering or designer plans.